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Reagents and Reaction Mechanism

Oxymercuration-Demercuration of Alkenes Reaction mechanism

Hello everyone today we will discuss oxymercuration-demarcation of alkene reaction mechanism in an electrophilic addition reaction. As the use of rea…

Reagents BuLi with Nitroalkanes| Reaction Mechanism

We have to discuss Butyl Lithium reacting with Nitroalkane. In presence of two equivalents of BuLi nitroalkane produced the dianion. Which is react w…

Reagents NaH, BuLi, and Alkyl bromide| Reaction Mechanism

Hello everyone today we will discuss the reagent of Sodium hydride (NaH), Butyl Lithium (BuLi), and Alkyl halide (Like- Alkyl bromide) reaction with …

Reagents and Reaction Mechanism| CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM

Welcome to a new article on the reaction and reagent question-answer series for a beginner to advance level Examination aspirant. Discussing the conc…

Reagent KNH2 liquid ammonia| Reaction Mechanism

Hello, everyone today we will discuss the reaction mechanism of KNH 2 and liquid ammonia reagent in presence of diketone. This is a reagent and reac…

Reaction Mechanism Question-4 with solution

This is the section of the reaction mechanism with different stereoselective reagents question with solution. Reagent and reaction mechanisms are ver…

Reagents and Reaction Question-2| Solution with Mechanism

Hello everyone this is question number 2 in the reagent and reaction mechanism sections. Solve this question with a Popper mechanism that is helpful …

Reagents and Reaction solve| Mechanism of Organic Synthesis

Hello, everyone today we will discuss questions with solutions. This question is suggested for CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM, and other entrance examinati…
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