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Reagents and Reaction Question-2| Solution with Mechanism

Solve this question with a Popper mechanism that is helpful for CSIR NET Gate IIT JAM and other entrance examinations.
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Hello everyone this is question number 2 in the reagent and reaction mechanism sections. Solve this question with a Popper mechanism that is helpful for CSIR NET Gate IIT JAM and other entrance examinations like that.

Solve this problem on Reagents and reaction mechanism

Firstly you can try to solve these types of problems with a proper reaction mechanism. Which is one type of practice of questioning and confidence in yourself.

Q.2. Following the reaction. Find out the major product X with the proper mechanism.

This is the Reagent and reaction mechanism question no.2.

Reagent and reaction mechanism question no.2

Answer Question No.2

You can easy to approach the Required basic knowledge Of acid-base reaction. In presence of KOH, Bu4NBr is a strong base it is favored to 1,4 addition or Michelle addition. If possible Nucliophile reaction and acid-base reaction then the priority of the acid-base reaction. Because the acid-base reaction is most favorable compared to nucleophile if possible.

This is the Answer to Reagent and reaction mechanism question no.2

The Answer to Reagent and reaction mechanism question no.2

This reaction has two possibilities of hydrogen abstraction. According to stabilization, hydrogen abstraction is favorable to the 2o carbon and formation of 2o product compared to the one-degree product.

Reaction Mechanism:

Firstly in presents, The Acidic Hydrogen presents in Alpha carbons. which is abstract by HO- base. And the formation of enolate. That is a good nucleophile in presence of methyl iodide.

The nucleophile is attacked in methyl iodide and releases the I-. And the formation of the final product.

  • Use of Reagent: KOH, Bu4NBr, and MeI (These is the reagents for alkylation of ketone)

In case the formation Of two-degree product and the one-degree product is from. and measure product is a two-degree product because that is favorable thermodynamically and kinetically.

This is the Answer: Reaction mechanism of question no.2.

Answer: Reaction mechanism of question no.2

We know that two-degree is more stable than 1° carbon that’s why the favorable product or measure product is 2-degrees.


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