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Reaction Mechanism Question-4 with solution

Reagent and reaction mechanisms are very important for CSIR NET, GATE, IIJ JAM, and other national-level examinations.
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This is the section of the reaction mechanism with different stereoselective reagents question with solution. Reagent and reaction mechanisms are very important for CSIR NET GATE IIJ JAM and other national-level examinations.

This section has already 3-questions with a solution firstly you can check this section for free. Clear your concept of reaction mechanism with selective type reagents.

The proper mechanism for this reaction corresponds to their chemoselectivity test.

Problem Solve with reaction mechanism:

You can try to solve this type of problem that is helpful for your exam preparation or another learning purpose. As you know the practice is man perfect we believe that. As an entrance examination aspirant, you can easy to solve a short time in the examination hall. So Chemclip suggests that those problems solve.

Q.4. Major product Y form Following the reaction. Predicted the major product Y with the proper mechanism.

This is the Reagent and reaction mechanism question no.4

Reagent and reaction mechanism question no.4

Answer: Q.4

The reaction uses tBuOK and tBuOH reagents which abstracts the alpha hydrogen from the less substituted position of trans-1-decalone. And the formation of less substituted product 9-methyl-1-decalone. In the reaction formation of stable enolate at first then Nucleophilic Substitution. Where enolate act as a nucleophile.

This is the Answer to Reagent and reaction mechanism question no.4

The Answer to Reagents and reaction mechanism question no.4

Reaction mechanism:

This is the preparation of 9-methyl-1-decalone from trans-1-decalone. The reaction is favorable to less substituted alpha hydrogen abstraction compared to more substituted alpha hydrogen. That is because of the formation of enolate by abstraction of less substituted position.

This is the Answer: Reaction mechanism of question no.4

Answer: reaction mechanism of question no.4


Problem solution Carruthers’s book for modern organic synthesis. The book is an advanced-level book for an entrance exam aspirant. Students follow this book for clearing the concept. Chemclip discusses the reaction mechanism of carbon-carbon single bond formation. Using different reagents like LDA.

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