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Top Universities in India| NIRF Ranking

Every Year release the university Ranking through The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Ministry of Education (MoE) Government of Ind…

Harmonic Oscillator wave function| Quantum Chemistry part-3

The harmonic Oscillator wave function is given energy state like – Ground state energy wavefunction (when n=0), First excited state energy correspo…

Carbohydrates| Glucose and Fructose Reaction| Bioorganic Chemistry

Hello everyone today we will discuss the Carbohydrates reaction of d-glucose and d-fructose. The study of biological and natural products in organic …

Quantum Chemistry Questions with solution

The Quantum chemistry questions and detailed answers with the pdf file. Hello everyone, welcome to Chemclip. We have to provide a few basic concepts …

Quantum Chemistry Questions with solution| Rotational Spectroscopy

Hello, everyone today we will discuss a few questions with solutions under the quantum chemistry in the rigid rotator chapter. Correspond to examine…

Reagents BuLi with Nitroalkanes| Reaction Mechanism

We have to discuss Butyl Lithium reacting with Nitroalkane. In presence of two equivalents of BuLi nitroalkane produced the dianion. Which is react w…

Reagents NaH, BuLi, and Alkyl bromide| Reaction Mechanism

Hello everyone today we will discuss the reagent of Sodium hydride (NaH), Butyl Lithium (BuLi), and Alkyl halide (Like- Alkyl bromide) reaction with …
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