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Quantum Chemistry Questions with solution

Tricky questions with details solutions on Quantum Chemistry PDF free for CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM and equivalent entrance exam,,
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The Quantum chemistry questions and detailed answers with the pdf file. Hello everyone, welcome to Chemclip. We have to provide a few basic concepts of quantum mechanics principles with a problem-solving approach. The chapter on quantum chemistry like:

Quantum chemistry Chapter Basic Topics

The most common and basic topics of Quantum chemistry are the Historical Background of quantum chemistry, The Wave equation/Function, the Schrodinger equation and application, the Eigen function, the Eigenvalue, The Uncertainty Principle, and the Postulates and General principle of quantum mechanics, etc.

This is the image of Quantum Chemistry for CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM, TIFR and other entrance exam preparation.
Quantum Chemistry for CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM, TIFR, and other entrance exam preparation.

And Other Basic topics in Quantum chemistry are the Harmonic Oscillator, 1D, 2D, 3D box problem, Approximation Methods: Perturbation theory, Vibrational method; Hydrogen atom, Molecules: Valence Bond Treatment of Hydrogen Molecules, Molecular Spectroscopy, etc.

Comutator Oparetor -Quantum chemistry

In the session we have to discuss the Commutator Operator and its application, Commutator Operator applies in a wave function [A, B]𝜓. Where 𝜓 is an unknown wave function. We have to show [Px, x] = -iћ Where Px is the linear Momentum Operator and X is the Position Operator.

Serial No.1Topics
Quantum Chemistry Chapter Question no.1Quantum Chemistry Commutator Oparator| Q&A for CSIR NET GATE

Molecular Spectroscopy -Quantum chemistry Approach:

This section discusses the rotational spectroscopy basic principle, Rotational Constant (B), Moment of Inertia (I), the Reduced mass of diatomic Molecules, Bond length of Diatomic molecules ( like H35Cl ), etc. The spacing of the lines in the microwave spectrum is 2B.

Serial No.2Topics
Quantum Chemistry Chapter Question no.2Quantum Chemistry Questions with solution| Rotational Spectroscopy

Harmonic Oscillator Wave function- Quantum Chemistry

We have to briefly discuss the Harmonic oscillator wave function corresponding to their energy state. How do normalize the ground state and first excited state energy wave function? solve this section very easily. Where wave function 𝝍𝟎 (𝒙) 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝝍𝟏 (𝒙) are ground state wavefunction and first excited state respectively.

Serial No.3Topics
Quantum Chemistry Chapter Question no.3Harmonic Oscillator wave function| Quantum Chemistry part-3

Bonus Tips for our Students

For chemical science students, practice is the most important factor. Chemclip gives an opportunity to practice and learn in special chemistry class with a question-and-answer discussion.

Top 5 Questions on Quantum chemistry

We have to discuss the five tricky questions with detailed solutions on quantum chemistry for CSIR NET, GATE, IIT JAM, and equivalent entrance exams. Or other Degree programs like Master of Chemistry, Bachelor degree of chemical sciences, chemical engineering, etc.

Discuss the topic:

  • We have to talk about the Energy level of π – molecular orbital for the allyl system, the Relation of molecular orbital energy, and the number of molecular nodes.
  • Trial wave function to the variationally optimized energy.
  • The unnormalized wave function of the hydrogen atom -Find out the three quantum numbers, n, l, and m.
  • Radial part of this equation; Spin wave function for an excited helium atom; one-dimensional box and application, etc.
Question SeriesTopic
Quantum Chemistry Question Five Questions solution with PDF freeQuantum Chemistry Question with detailed solution pdf link| Hydrogen Atom, Box problem


ChemClip suggests a few basic and standard textbooks for the Introduction to quantum chemistry. We have to reference the books and research articles:

  • The best book for quantum chemistry is Donald A McQuarrie Viva’s student edition Quantum Chemistry. These are quality and quantitive books for chemistry students.
  • Quantum Chemistry Book by Ira N. Levine. It is a good rating book any time.
  • Molecular Quantum Mechanics Book by Peter Atkins. This book for basic knowledge of quantum chemistry postulates and concept of box particle.

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